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9111 Jordan Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311
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5 Stars - 2 Reviews
Overall a good place to store personal items
August 18, 2019
My father and me. We've had a storage locker at least for 10 years here. Mostly for equioment storage. The access hours are good. They have drive up lockers. I have noticed that unfortunately there is a problem with some folks taking up residence outside of the facility. I understand this is a delicate issue. I had Some reservations when I came and recently saw a small community living in motor homes. It's unfortunate since they never seem to pick up themselves. However the facility is very clean and they do there best to keep it that way. The new management is on top of stuff, and will frequently hop in there oil buggy and do drive arounds. From what I've seen this is a frequent thing. So security is good,the facility is kept clean. There friendly and will address any issue anyone might have. Overall, and over the years. I've never had a bad experience here. Others I've had serious drama. These guys are professional, courteous,and do a great job of keeping things as all places like this should. It's Clean and secure. I liked the old management too. But these new guys are good too. Prices are fair and trust me you'll pay more at many other places and maybe even get less as far a service too. My experience with the competition was drama and bad attitudes. Never happens at AAA in Chatsworth..These guys got it together and run a good ship is all it comes down to.
Recovering Public Storage customer
March 25, 2019
The professionalism, cleanliness, availability, price, and ease of startup is just stellar. Thank you, Jesse! I am recommending AAA storage to everyone. Lighting needs maintenance, better yet, a bit of updating, but the fact that AAA is under new, and rather impressive management, gives me hope that it's just a matter of timing.
Reply from Manager on March 25, 2019
Thank you for your positive review & feedback!
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